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Jewish Holidays and Gifts

JewishByte.com offers unique gifts featuring high resolutions photos and graphics from Israel. Tired of the same old gift baskets and so called e-cards? Send a real card, and real t-shirts this year!

Why Cafepress?

JewishByte.com partners with Cafepress.com to produce our greeting cards, t-shirts, and other products on demand. Cafepress is a secure online service, offering you easy ordering, tracking of your order, and satisfaction guaranteed. Cafepress.com is a well known company with great customer service.

For Jewishbyte.com this means being able to concentrate on designs, and get products to you without having to keep our own stock, maintain a merchant account, and have a full shipping department. Cafepress.com takes care of that professionally and efficiently.

Original Photography

Our original photography of scenes in Israel and Jewish life is the main focus of our gifts and cards. For many holidays we also have original digital art work, and carry some items from other artists also. In this way we can show our support for other Jewish artists on the web.

We use Adobe Photoshop Elements for our graphic needs. It's a little more than one tenth the price of the full PhotoShop, and has a huge portion of the functions you'll need on a regular basis. Also, for preparing images for print, you're going to have a hard time beating the Photoshop series for control and quality of image. And just try finding the "magnet lasso" in any other application. Once you start using the magnetic lasso, you won't want to edit photos without it.

If you see one of our photos and would like us to carry it on another item, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to oblige, if the original image is suitable for the media. For instance, many of our images may not be high enough resolution to enlarge to a full poster size.

Thank you for your interest in Jewishbyte.com. Digital Jewish gifts for the digital age.

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