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Jewishbyte.com is proud to be part of the growing number of Jewish holiday and Judaica sites on the internet. The links we present have been hand picked to be relevant to Jewish holidays and Judaica. If a link is broken, or the site has changed, please feel free to contact us to let us know. Also contact us if you have a site that you think should be listed here.

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Jewish Greeting Cards

  1. JewishCard.com -- A huge selection of beautiful contemporary and colorful Jewish Greeting Cards for all your needs. They sell both wholesale and retail.
  2. 123Greetings.com
    Free Passover Greeting eCards
  3. Purim eCards -- Celebrate this joyous occasion of Purim with feasting and merry making. Don't forget to send eCards/ greeting cards to your loved ones and friends.

Jewish Holidays

    Hanukat -- The delightful kitty Hanukat leads children of all ages through stories, activities, even downloadable craft projects. Check out this award winning site for more Chanuka activity ideas.

Jewish Auctions

  1. Jewish Buys -- The jewishbuys.com is a store window and auction site designed to interest all those interested in the Jewish world.
  2. Israbid.com - Israbid.com is the first auction webiste In Israel for English speakers. Buy, Bid, & Swap with Israbid.com.

Jewish Stock Photos

  1. Jewish Stock Photos -- For all your Jewish stock photo needs.

Jewish Jewelry

  1. Daphna Jewels -- Daphna Shmuely, Israeli Artist, makes unique handcrafted jewelry from antique silver plated cutlery, spoons and forks.


  1. Stained Glass Designs -- Jewish-themed Stained glass menorahs, mezuzahs, seder plates and gifts for Jewish weddings, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs and Jewish babies.
  2. Personalized HaggadahsDesign your personal haggadah -- Design it online, order it, and have your own personally designed haggadah! Great gift for your own family or others.
  3. Chai Kids Jewish Children's Gifts -- Delightful gifts and toys based on Jewish holidays and Jewish values. Check out the soft toys that are fun and educational.
  4. aJudaica.com Online Judaica Store -- aJudaica online Judaica store brings you high quality, low priced Jewish gifts, Judaica gift, and much more directly from the land of Israel and Jerusalem.
  5. Keepsake Ari Mikve Water -- Shipped directly to you from the Holy Land, these keepsake cobalt blue bottles will remind you always of the special place in Safed, Israel.
  6. Seforim - www.discountseforim.com -- The one stop Seforim Store for Hebrew Seforim and Jewish Books. 1000s of Jewish Books, Siddurim, and Hebrew and Yiddish Seforim. Are you looking for a rare or out of print sefer? Browse our collection of over 20,000 out of print seforim reprints. Profit to Jewish families in need.
  7. Jewish Israeli gifts -- A wide selection of gifts for Jewish holidays, weddings, bar/bat mitzvah, new born, house warming and more. All made in Israel. Shipping from the UK. Free shipping within the UK.
  8. Gans Judaica -- has everything you need for the Jewish Holidays and life cycle events, all made in Israel by Israeli artists.
  9. Judaica Mall -- Check out some unique kaballah jewelry plus other unique Judaica online.

Jewish Clothing

  1. Chai Wear Jewish Kids' Clothing -- Whimsical and joyous designs on childrens clothing.
  2. Tallit / Tallis (tzizit)-- Jewish Prayer Shawls of all colors, materials, and styles. Find one just right for you.
  3. Kippot -- Get a kippah, or yarmulke, that fits your style. You can find colorful, knit, silk, sports themed, suede, terylene (basic black kipppah), velvet, and children's kippot online.
  4. Tzittzit / tzistzis -- The "tallit katan", little tallis that is worn all day. Find wool, cotton, children's and various different knotting methods.
  5. Tefilin-- While not exactly "clothing", the tefilin are the crown to the male Jewish ritual clothing.

Jewish food

  1. The Challah Connection -- The source for kosher baked goods, kosher cookies, kosher desserts, kosher specialties and the freshest challah shipped anywhere in the US.


  1. Seder Plates
  2. Armenian seder plates
  3. Disposable seder plates -- For the seder on the go.
  4. Matza crumb sweeper -- Miss your crumb sweeper? Get one Kosher L'pesach!
  5. Elijah's Cup -- The fifth cup is poured for Elijah the Prophet.
  6. The soft seder toy kit -- The soft seder toy kit comes with a child's soft seder plate, and all the fixin's (5 plus matzahs are available separately). Set up your small child with this at the seder table and watch them play happily.
  7. Four Questions Finger Puppets -- Liven up the Haggadah story.
  8. 10 plagues plush kit -- A bag of 10 plagues!
  9. Passover e-cards -- free ecard site.


  1. Lulav and esrog ordering
  2. purchase a sukkah

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